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What people say about me:

Roberta is a super efficient and organised team player, who is industry-wisened beyond her years. Friendly and approachable whilst remaining highly professional and knowledgeable, I can only recommend Roberta to all who have the chance to work with her.

Sam Watts – Game Producer at Tammeka

Roberta’s awesome. Professionalism, skill, talent and a big old dollop of passion all wedged into a surprisingly compact frame. She’s always full of crazy-amazing ideas that just might work and straight up amazing ideas that definitely will work and she loves it when a plan comes together. Her zest and passion for her vocation mean she’s a huge asset and actually really aids the creative process — I find I have better ideas when Roberta’s around the table. Or maybe I just take her ideas and pass them off as my own I’ve never really been able to admit to myself the truth. But she’s also that most rare of jewels — a creative and organised person. Creativity comes from somewhere deep in our minds where chaos reigns I find, and a lot of creative people shun organisation because it takes them away from that place. Roberta does them both simultaneously in style and I suspect some kind of magic spell is at work. In all, as I believe it was New Kids On The Block who famously put it, she’s got the right stuff. Roberta, I salute you. If you don’t make the world a little more awesome I’ll be disappointed.

Mark Bendon – Studio Design Director at Gameloft Toronto

Whilst working together at Just A Pixel Roberta consistently pushed innovation within our designs, managed freelancers from around the world and helped produce great in-house projects. Her attention to detail is second-to-none, picking out the smallest of details (on one occasion a single pixel out of place) and providing great feedback and ideas

Danny Goodayle – CTO at Just a Pixel

Roberta is great, she owns an eclectic skills set and she is always dedicated to the cause and super-reliable. She is always keen to the process and she follows all the stage development with real passion. We worked together on The Sims Social and what mostly impressed me is how much she is eager to learn and apply herself. These qualities allow her to work in any development team, she surely is a great asset for any company.

Sergio De Natale – Game Designer at Pleo